Create a record label that represents our values was an evidence. A place where artists feel safe to express their art and passion, a place that defends a culture, a state of mind and a common passion for music.

Our goal is to build a long term relationship with each and everyone. They are helped, and advised by Folamour on each crucial point of their release and we put our hard work in for them to grow.

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When We Were There is an ode to the past while firmly rooted in the present. Set in the grey space between the now and then, the EP is a scene of moments and postcards from the mind. It is an ode to the present times, times that – even now – are recognised as being future memories filled with nostalgia and sweet feelings of summers past, friends, familiar faces and days that went by too fast.


"Dear Future is a musical message to the future me. I made this EP at the edge of an impactful,  but exciting transition in life. I graduated from music education, started studying at a university and moved from a quiet and calm neighborhood surrounded by woods to the busy city center of Utrecht. This EP is a message from myself before the transition to myself after the transition:  a sign of faith that I will find my path into the future."

house of love tales

Tales are stories invented, something bright, something fairy. With our mixtapes, we want you to live a deep musical experience, full of energy and full of love. A musical journey, made for you