Create a record label that represents our values was anevidence. A place where artists feel safe to express their art and passion, a place that defends a culture, a state of mind and a common passion for music.

Our goal is to build a long term relationship with each and everyone. Trust, fairness and equity are our main focus here. We are building a family andnot just a one stand project. They are helped, and advised by Folamour on each crucial point of their release and we put our hard work in for them to grow.


Remembered for his dreamy deep house soundscapes inspired by the south of France, Kousto channels memories of summer along the coast. While the producer relocated to London in the mid-20s to soak up the creativity and multiculturalism that the metropolis beholds, Kousto remains synonymous with analogue sounds and musical waves that journey listeners through poolside paradigms.

2023 marks his first release on House Of Love, and the
launch of the label it self. 

Marijn van Vliet, better known as Marsolo, is a house DJ and producer, born and raised in The Netherlands. His life took a musical turn when he started stacking drum loops on his computer. Year by year, he became more and more professional at music production.

Being discovered and supported by well-known DJs, like Chris Stussy, Sidney Charles and Folamour, his schedule is expanding rapidly. By already having played at renowned venues like Thuishaven and Paradiso, his future looks brighter every day. Keep an eye on Marsolo because he has just embarked on a long musical journey.

Based between Nantes and Paris, her evolving talent in the studio and behind the decks has seen her head to iconic venues such as Rex Club and Machine Du Moulin Rouge. On tour with Folamour and his House Of Love shows in 2023, her upcoming release is the work of months of collaboration.

Always lulled by electronic music, she began to produce at the age of 16. Her inspirations are quite wide and her practices are too. She used to be a pianist in a jazz band, guitarist in a contemporary rock band. Music became her antidote. 


Leo Luscher is a Lausanne, based DJ and crate digger who has been active for the past 10 years sharing his passion and dedication for deep and poignant music. His expansive taste and knowledge are drawn by influences from house, soul, jazz and funk.

Founder of Limited Brothers, he has been active in many local dance parties and has welcomed to his club residencies artists such as Alexander Nut, Volcov, Alton Miller, Sassy J, Mark Grusane, Fredfades among others. In definition, Leo Luscher is the man who makes to crowd moving.

Full steam ahead for Lis Sarroca as she disembarks on another year of upward trajectory in 2023, she will hit the
road again with her refined record bag and continues to propel a wide range of sounds on various labels including her own Maai Records.

The half Spanish, half Mexican flourishing talent continues the never ending search for dusty gems of old and the futuristic sounds of new, never allowing genres to restrain her; something that can be noticed within her storytelling DJ sets around Europe and the rest of the world with her residency with House Of Love, Fabric (London), Sisyphos (Berlin) and the country of Mexico where she grew up

Young Pulse is a french producer and DJ, co-founder of Mochi Records and member and co-founder of Parisian collective and records label
Funky French League. Well known for his high quality remixes of disco, boogie, and his devotion to the sound and culture of the dance music years, you can follow his monthly shows “Boogie To The Top” on Rinse (FR), FFL’s sets on Radio Meuh and Tsugi radio, and most recently his partnership with DEFECTED as a resident DJ/selector on their Broadcasting House channel.