This project started with events in specific cities and places that have a historical background and share House Of Love’s values.

We promote our label by organising parties around the world highlighting artists from our roster. We want to create a community of people affiliated with our parties and our musical universe, all over the world.

Integrity, integration, safe place.

It is a whole new experience, out of time, where emotions and senses are activated. A safe space to dance and share. H.O.L's goal is to spread values and a positive message in a festive way, to give an experience that will impact new and older generations.

A place to embrace a moment of harmony, goodwill, and madness with a careful selection of music.


Marsatac - 2023.06.18

We Love Green - 2023.06.02

Albert Hall - 2023.03.31

Vicar Street - 2023.03.28

Berns - 2023.03.25

Praga Centrum - 2023.03.24

Nitsa - 2023.03.17

Hangar - 2023.03.11

Akvarium - 2023.03.10

Fabrique - 2023.02.26

Ancienne Belgique - 2023.02.25

O² Academy - 2023.02.24

Paradiso - 2023.02.18

Tropisme - 2022.12.11

Le Bikini - 2022.12.04

Le Petit Salon - 2022.12.03

Elysia - 2022.11.25

ADE - Kromhouthal - 2022.10.22

Koko - 2022.10.14